Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

In Magnetic Particle Test the ferromagnetic part is magnetized in desired direction.

Finely milled iron particles applied on the surface of specimen.

These particles are attracted to magnetic flux leakage fields and will cluster to form an indication

directly over the discontinuity. 

This indication can be visually detected under proper lighting conditions.

Magnetic particle testing is a non destructive testing method for detection of surface and near surface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials.

Applicable only to Ferromagnetic materials, Iron, Cobalt, Nickel and their magnetic alloys.
Detection sensitivity diminishes rapidly with depth.
If the flaw is in surface it must be produce
larger indication.
Deeper flaws produce broad and fuzzy indication which require careful interpretation.

Magnetic Particle Test Methods as below:-

Circuler Magnetization Longitudinal Magnetization  Torodail Field
 A) Head Shot Methods A) Coil Methods A) Induce Current Magnetization 
 B) Central Conductor Method  B) Electromagnetic Yoke 
 C) Prod Method  C) Permanent Magnet 

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 Magnetic Particle Test  MT Level I 03 Days 20 Hours   General 40 Questions 
 Specific 20 Questions
 Practical 1 Specimen
 Magnetic Particle Test   MT Level II 05 Days 40 Hours   General 40 Questions
 Specific20 Questions 
 Practical 2 Specimens